Prayer of Thanks

waiting on god

“And Jacob suffered for 2 decades, waiting to come home.  The WHOLE time, God watched him and followed him, he was with him, never leaving.” Citychurch, D. Saathoff

Thank you, Jesus

for being with me.

Even when I thought you weren’t.

I trust you, and I rejoice.

I will live, laugh and love,

because I trust you.

I will circle the things that

are yearning in my heart today,

present them to you…and thank you!

And rejoice because you are watching me and

following me.



Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

photo (12)

Interesting!  What would the book jacket of my book be and what would it say.  I love it!  I picture the book in my head…I just have to get there!  I think this is a wonderful beginning!  Thanks, WordPress!  I have no experience writing a book jacket and wouldn’t even know where or how to start.  I’m so happy to look on to others ideas and get the GIST.   I tried taking painting classes to attempt to illustrate my own book but I don’t think I have that talent as I’d like to.  I’m more a very abstract painter, if you get my drift.  My book jacket might be something like this…

In TITLE ( I don’t know the title yet), Rey geniusly crafts out the latino experience and adventure in the life of little NAME. Adults and children alike are drawn to the hilarious and genuine perspective of a 7 year old little girl.  I would have never known little girls could dream as big,  elaborate and “slyly” as NAME ( I don’t know her name yet either).  She is  a blast to hang around with and love being her partner in mischief as the story unfolds.  

Reyna as a small child grew up in south Texas out in the country.  Her neighbors were the fields, dust planes and a farmer. She was rather secluded in the country but later in childhood moved to a very lively suburb neighborhood.  Her life unfolds in the adventures of NAME and friends, both of the human and animal species.

The Couch is Cold

The couch has been my friend this morning. I haven’t moved for about an hour. It is amazing. I don’t usually sit this long at one sitting because I’m always moving doing something. Here in my part of Texas we had a POLAR PLUNGE last night so schools are closed, games cancelled, streets are iced. We truly can’t handle cold here. I’ve been visiting the cyber world, reading and seeing hilarious posts! This is totally us…


My hubby is back from his LUCKY trip. So we are all trapped in our homes waiting for the ice to melt on our streets. Fine with me! Gives me a chance to think, read some more and post. The couch is the best place for that! I’ll try and keep warm! :)


Zero to Hero Day 19: New To You Format

This is my new post format for Zero to Hero.  I inserted YouTube, it was simple.  But it is something new than my usual.  Thanks for the idea!

My lucky man is going on a trip tomorrow.  BooHoo!  I love this song because it reminds me of him! Adele’s voice, the lyrics, it’s perfect.  Sorry for the mushy-mushy, I’m a hopeless romantic.  That’s just how special he is to me.

Have a safe trip, babe!