Prayer of Thanks

waiting on god

“And Jacob suffered for 2 decades, waiting to come home.  The WHOLE time, God watched him and followed him, he was with him, never leaving.” Citychurch, D. Saathoff

Thank you, Jesus

for being with me.

Even when I thought you weren’t.

I trust you, and I rejoice.

I will live, laugh and love,

because I trust you.

I will circle the things that

are yearning in my heart today,

present them to you…and thank you!

And rejoice because you are watching me and

following me.




Zero to Hero Day 19: New To You Format

This is my new post format for Zero to Hero.  I inserted YouTube, it was simple.  But it is something new than my usual.  Thanks for the idea!

My lucky man is going on a trip tomorrow.  BooHoo!  I love this song because it reminds me of him! Adele’s voice, the lyrics, it’s perfect.  Sorry for the mushy-mushy, I’m a hopeless romantic.  That’s just how special he is to me.

Have a safe trip, babe!

I Wanna Be Lost

I wanna be lost
With you, my love.
In a place no one knows,
Just us two.
Like drifters in the night,
From one place to another.

I wanna be lost
With you, my love.
Sailing in a ship
Thru the deep blue sea.
The world open to
Only us to venture out to.

I wanna be lost
With you, my love,
Our souls are one.
Our hearts are one.

With you, I’m not lost.