Cupcakes, Eggs…and all that Jazz!

cupcakesSigh, yip…that’s what my day has been like today. I’m still at it into the late hours of the night. Preparing for Easter Sunday. Cupcakes, plastic eggs, jelly beans, baskets…and all that jazz has nothing to do with the risen Savior. I’m not sure how it all got intertwined. Same for Christmas but it is all in our culture. We grew up with it, and now our kids too. It’s all around us. I may sound like I’m complaining, but I enjoy it really. Even though after a holiday break, I say “I need a break from my break!” It is creating memories for my kids and family.

As I was preparing the kitchen and living room, my husband was outside cleaning up the yard. He had just come in from running some errands when he shows up with a huge box, of I’m not sure what. He pulls out a huge blower. Yeah, exactly…I just looked at it. He was so excited and already trying to put it together as fast as he could so he could go use his new “apparatus”, is what I call his new electronic toys. “Honey, read the directions.” I tell him. “Nah, I don’t need ’em!” As he was putting the sling and bag on the machine. He gets up and calls the kids out, “Okay, let’s go outside and start working!” He had a good time with it, and it did it’s job….blew all the leaves everywhere! But in the end, our backyard is ready for tomorrow….to get filled with confetti and egg shells., and all that jazz. Yes, I love the memories, I really do. I WILL need a break from my break!

Good night! Happy Easter! 🙂