I think it’s time to let
a little steam out.
All the things I should
and the things I holdout.

I want to stay home and
watch a movie in the dark.

I want to read a book
and go away to New Orleans,
Listen to jazz all day
And drink ’til I’m leaning.

I want more quiet
where I can rest and recharge.
Listen to the waves
on a glamorous barge.

I want to go shopping
for things I want
like earrings, watches and purses and shoes!
Is it too extravagant?

I want to sleep as late as I need
Go into the office, you say?
Who needs it!?
Not me! It’s driving me insane!

Walk around all day
Do whatever…
Look around all day
Until I’m blue in the face…

I’d go crazy I think
with all this freedom
on my hands.
Perhaps I’m best
and not really ready
To be let loose
Into the Wonderland.


Hello Blogging World

It’s 2016! A new beginning and new resolutions after much evaluating of the prior year. One being coming into blogging world more often.  I’ve been away awhile.  Tonight ends my winter break and I’ve had a chance to recharge and refuel! It was wonderful!

My day ends with a daily devotion of PRAISE.  Praise can be song, words, dance, writing, poems, stories, testimony!  I will begin my year with words and songs of praise. As I write in my journal which I’ve finished tonight, and ready to begin a new one, my spirit rejoices when I meditate on what praise means. It means to fill with joy for tomorrow, for work, for the weak and the struggling– to be strong for them. To be the light of the world they need, we need, our town needs, our country, our world needs! We need it, cannot be without it, it’s a gift, it’s amazing!

So let’s write a story, a poem, a song, and hug a friend. It’s a great way to begin the new year! It will be great!