It may be awkward to begin a post with, “What is happening?” After it has been so long since I have come into my WordPress community. But, what is happening?  I can only share what is going through my own mind’s eye and heart.

Who would have ever known we would be going through a pandemic in our lifetime.  I never even dreamed of it! First of all, what is a “pandemic”?  I seriously had to look it up and study a little on it, and ended with a “Holy  *&^%$, Batman!” I and my kids left school for Spring Break, and NEVER WENT BACK!!  We intentionally did not go on a trip because we were saving it for summer time. So when we were in quarantine it was a bit CRAZY just getting a grasp of it!  It is now summertime, and yes, we ARE GOING ON A TRIP, a beach trip that is.

In the initial stages of the coronavirus, I was trying to find purpose in all this chaos and asking myself, “Are we getting punished?” “Could this be a sign of the times, end of times?” “Is this a plaque?” “Am I going to be okay?”  “Jesus, please give me a peace of mind!” “Jesus, please watch my kids!”  That was the hardest thing of all in stay home order…not seeing my grown kids.  I have two teenagers at home with me and felt safe under my wing, but boy, how I wanted my older kids with us! I do not have grandkids as of yet but if I did, I’m sure it would have been much worse.  It was driving me insane.  A mother’s insanity!  For all the mothers out there, I am sure you know what that feels like.  I prayed daily and still do.


While things are a little bit more relaxed, we still have to be cautious and we can begin to see each other a little more like old times.  I have always been one that says there is a reason for everything, no matter how bad or good it may be. And I have to believe this is one of those times.  So, what have I learned?

  • Slow down!  There were so many times I always said, “I don’t have time, I will get to it tomorrow…”  Well, now is the time.  You have plenty of time now.
  • Pray daily.  My life had come to a point when I didn’t even have the time to take a few minutes to pray or say thank you.  Well, now is the time!
  • Journaling.  I loved, and still do, journal my prayers…and experiences!  I will admit I have heard from others of working on blogs or getting back to blogging, but I never had time. Well, now is the time!  Journaling forces me to slow down, reflect, and have more of an attitude of gratitude.  Less time to worry.

It has been way too long since I have come to “Life is a Beach”, and I am glad to be back.  And perhaps will get me back to where I was at one point.  So, to end my post with the beginning question, “What is happening?” Could it be –a big STOP!! Slow down.  That is from my mind’s eye and heart. What about you?

What have you learned?

Traveling Journal: Walking New Orleans

Day 2

As soon as we drove in we immediately jumped on a trolley to take us sight seeing. They were pretty noisey but it took us where we needed to go.

We wanted to see Bourbon Street and French Quarter, that’s exactly what we saw. There were musicians scattered out on the street too, NO-style. We walked around and captured the beautiful architecture of these buildings!

Most are French and Spanish influences. They dominated the area the 19th century. Interesting fact, “New Orleans was founded in Spring of 1718 by the French as La Nouvelle-Orleans. The French intended New Orleans to be an important colonial city.”(1)

The styles above are the American and Creole Townhouses which have Spanish influences in the architectural detail. (2) Just gorgeous!

The French Quarter has all different styles of cottages, just gorgeous! We did a lot of walking but the weather was amazing

The above buildings were the ones my kids were amazed at. Our favorite show is NCIS: New Orleans. And these are Agt. Dwayne Pride’s bar and NCIS headquarters on the show. It looks like they are private residences. We were star-struck! 🤩

We ended the day with some dinner on Bourbon Street, some alligator and gumbo!

Making memories! Priceless!


1. Http://


Hello Courageous 2018!!



Courageous Lips n Looks

So my new endeavor for 2018 is a small business! I’m so excited and just love the product! There are too many things I’ve thought up, many ideas but never followed through because of different reasons. But life is too short and I want to share a different story. I’m not getting YOUNGER and retirement is close.  So, I’m doing it now!

So if you love make up and lip color, then check my Facebook story, link is above. I think you will love it too!  This will not be a “selling” platform, I promise.  This baby, “Life is a Beach”, is my personal, creative, “just me” place!  My “Lips” have a different place in the cyber world.  🙂

But what I do want to do here on my “Lips” journey is share what I learn as I go.  I’d love to have you come along too.

Have a blessed day!

Merry Christmas!

  • 701D546A-EA1E-4B34-8FAF-341EAA2A741FMerry Christmas WordPress World! I do hope you are spending your holidays the way you’d like. I was just off work 3 days ago so Christmas has come and gone. Bye, Santa! A little relieved it’s passed and was looking forward to rest. Today is the day after. I am sitting in med clinic with a sprained ankle! While my break from school just started, I may wind up in a boot for the SECOND time.  At this point I am not too sure what it is. Joint degeneration is causing my sprains perhaps— symptoms of aging. 😐 It all started when I hit my 50th year. I’m 52 now. I blame it on a previous injury of my youth. Perhaps I’d be up and around more if I didn’t have that prior injury. Heck, things happen for a reason.

But here I am once again waiting to be called. My ankle hurting with any movement and any touch. Stinks! I’ll be forced to rest once again.

Good bye, Santa!

Alone With You: A poem of love on Father’s Day


To my husband,

 You have inspired me in so many ways and have helped me open up doors that were closed for a long time.  You have shown me what love can do!  You are an amazing role model of love and firmness to our gang, and for that I am thankful.  This poem is for you, my love!

Happy Father’s Day!

Your Missus– 

When I’m alone with you
I feel free and fresh
When I’m alone with you
You make me feel safe and sure.

Whatever the world brings my way
You are there to break it up for me
Your love is my shield
Your love is my permission.

When I’m alone with you
I can be just how I am.
When I’m alone with you
You love me just this way.

Your caresses are my shield
Your hugs are my security
Your kisses reaffirm how lucky I am
That I can be just me.

Whenever I’m alone with you.
You make me feel like I’m home.
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I’m whole.

I will always and forever love you.
I thank God that he brought me –you.


Inspired by Lovesong, Adele