Hello Blogging World

It’s 2016! A new beginning and new resolutions after much evaluating of the prior year. One being coming into blogging world more often.  I’ve been away awhile.  Tonight ends my winter break and I’ve had a chance to recharge and refuel! It was wonderful!

My day ends with a daily devotion of PRAISE.  Praise can be song, words, dance, writing, poems, stories, testimony!  I will begin my year with words and songs of praise. As I write in my journal which I’ve finished tonight, and ready to begin a new one, my spirit rejoices when I meditate on what praise means. It means to fill with joy for tomorrow, for work, for the weak and the struggling– to be strong for them. To be the light of the world they need, we need, our town needs, our country, our world needs! We need it, cannot be without it, it’s a gift, it’s amazing!

So let’s write a story, a poem, a song, and hug a friend. It’s a great way to begin the new year! It will be great!


Reteach, Teach!

School time regression for sure.  It’s opposite for us teachers because our time and energy is consumed all year long in the classroom.  Life is our classroom and the little ones in it.

I always do this…what I’m doing now.  I’ve seen a pattern to my writing now.  It gets closer to summer time, I’m getting excited for summer break and the muscles in my body begin to “un-tense”, if you will.  I go into my Facebook, change my profile pic to my summer breeze theme.  It’s a little funny but I guess I’m like that.  I wonder if anyone is in my shoes.  Any teachers coming to their end of year “energy recharge”?  Message me because that’s me!  Could be why I so LOVE the beach too because it’s a symbol of my summer breaks.

Only problem now is I’ve lost all I learned in my last blogging workshop– school year regression. It’s reverse for us teachers.  I haven’t come in here in a while and I’d like to update and change some things but I’ve forgotten how.  Sigh, great!  I’ll have to research and relearn.  Hopefully it will stay with me this time.