Math Monster

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Land of Confusion.”

Uuugh, I get the shivers

When I think of it!


I can still see its decimal-pointy jaws,

Spiky, multiplying legs,

Squiggly percentage-like eyes.

Get me out of here, I’d beg!


“Quiz time, quiz time

Take out a paper.

Put your name on top and

face the front.”

Said Mister Math Wizard Caper.


I’d shiver and shake

And wonder why

The math monster would target me

I couldn’t help but cry.


On test days, homework

And practice pages it’d reign.

For many days, years

I’d struggle from its domain.


Until one day, I said

Enough is enough

I will defeat this once and for all…


Then I woke up…

Piff, poff, puff!