About Rey…A little of This and That

Welcome to my blog!  I love this gallery because it is a little about me.  My name is Reina.  It means “Queen” in Spanish, and in my world I can be.  We all can be kings and queens in our writing world!   I am first a  Christian, happily, married with great kids who fill my day with lots of joy and happiness.  I draw many of my inspirations from God, family, friends, career, culture and experiences.   I thank God daily for all the strength, purpose and guidance He gives me every day.    Without Him, I’m a shell.  I know for a fact– He has and always will be with me.  While I believe everything happens for a reason, love not judgment comes first.

The title to my blog is not meant to be slick, racy or a wisecrack cliche…but taken literally.  I love the beach!  I believe the sand and water has a spirit that draws people to it every day.  It gives us an uplift and regeneration.  Symbolically,  I also see the beach as a divide between us and God.  Finally, I have many pleasant memories and experiences growing up at the beach so it is one of my favorite places.

Writing has evolved into a passion for me. I don’t know if it’s age or what but I get a lot of joy and satisfaction from it. I have learned through blogging here that consistency is best but when I do come back in, there’s always someone to lend a hand even if it’s a simple “like”.  I have followed, and am following, great writers which I hope to one day replicate.  Thank you for your awesome stories.  I am always eager to learn more of its craft and art! I enjoy writing poems and short stories of many different things and goings-on in my life.  My hope is to make connections with others who may be going through similar experiences and exchange “cyber” high-fives, embraces, or laughs. As well as acknowledge and say to each other, it’s okay. I hope you enjoy your visit. I welcome comments and guarantee feedback. Grab an icy one, or cup of coffee, and join me on this journey on the “Life is a beach”…blog!  God bless!



13 responses to “About Rey…A little of This and That

  1. Hi Reyna, I love your outlook! The beach is my favorite place…probably because we live so far from a beach and when we go it’s for a fun vacation.

    It’s great to meet you through the blogging class. I have successfully switched from a theme on my blog that I loved- to several different ones that I have not loved so much, so if you happen to stop by my page, please excuse the mess! lol I’ll figure it out after the kids are in bed….
    ❤ Greta

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