Photography 101: Home and Getting Oriented


These are my favorite spots at home. They remind me of what is important: family, memories, love and peace. I plan to spend lots of time in these places this summer. I’m glad to be here in Photography 101!


Daily Prompt: The Luckiest Person


The birthday boy, of course!  It is my husband’s birthday weekend actually.  Lucky man he gets a long weekend too (MLK Monday).  🙂  Here in this part of the hemisphere, it’s 9 a.m. on Saturday so he is the first person I have encountered today when I rolled over.  It is pretty easy to write about him because he is such a strong person in my life and have a lot to say.  But today, a little different perspective, why Hubs is  “lucky”.

Right off the top of my head, Hubs gets to travel.  He hasn’t told me how he “despises” traveling so I can assume he’s okay with it.   I think he’s lucky because he gets to take off twice a month and have some alone time without the wife and kids “consuming”  his every move and space.  We are like that, we spend a lot of time together doing our family things, as you may have read some of our adventures on this blog.  Our alone time is pretty scarce.  But I think he gets some pretty fine time on his travels so he is lucky.   He needs it too.   We all do.

One day the kids will be grown and won’t need us and our time so much.  Our time will come when we can travel together perhaps.




Day 21

Now that I’ve overcome the initial embarrassment of it all…the gym (previous post), I’m well on my way to better health!  I hope!  My hubby and I have embarked on a new outlook on food, exercise and family.  Hopefully it will stick.  Summer time is always a beginning and refreshment of life and family for me.  Health and fitness is one of those things.  In summer break, I begin a healthier routine for myself and my family, then it dwindles once school starts.  I am an elementary school teacher so work and time commitments consumes me during the school year.  Literally, consumes me!  My free time is limited and very precious.  This year I will be more prepared and hopefully it will stick around longer.  I understand the connections between exercise, stress, energy level are very important.

My hubby and I will be working out together the rest of the summer.  One of our goals will be to begin playing racquetball, and maybe golf.  A sport and hobby we can do together once we become  empty nesters or take into retirement.  It will be awhile yet until those things but why wait!  Racquetball has always been a sport I have wanted to play as a girl.  I took tennis lessons as a teenager but only for a short while.  Once school begins, we may have to get our workout done separately, and come together once or twice a week.  A new challenge is before us so let’s see how it goes.  Pray for us!

Our ultimate goal is to feel better for our family and ourselves despite what some trainers may say or expect.  I was shocked to hear a trainer at another gym say, “Some people have been coming here for awhile, but they LOOK the same.”  My impression of that remark was, “What an idiot!”  He obviously sees things differently, and doesn’t have a very global point of view.  Which is a shame for gym-goers like myself.  At any rate, looking better is not the ultimate goal, but it wouldn’t hurt to fit in shirts and shorts not so snug around the waist.


While I will never look like this, Mr. Trainer-guy.  A little too skinny for my body type. <—–


My goal may be something like this, a little more curvy!  😉  I can dream, and it’ll be awhile yet!  —–>