College Shirt Monday

I love Mondays! Well, not really. It usually means going back to my weekday hiatus which is always difficult. But on Mondays we can go in jeans and college shirts to promote higher education. It’s a EASE into-the-week ritual. I like it! Easier for me anyways. I’m that kinda blue jean gal!

Have a great week!


Best Friends Forever

Tears came to my eyes when I saw her. My childhood friend who was close to my heart at a time in my life has reappeared again. Part of my sadness came from not being able to see her soon enough. Another came from a place I’m not sure of. It’s only been some 30 years since I’ve seen her! Where has the time gone? What did we do with our lives? Are you married, single, have children? What do you do, your job? How old are your children, how many? I miss you! Hello, my friend!

I can remember you from a time when we played ball and climbed on the monkey bars at recess. I can remember having crushes on the same boy. I can remember talking about boys and things very secret that only you and I know. I can remember dreaming of becoming super stars and living together like sisters. I can remember sitting in class with the same first, second, third grade teachers, and on to junior high and beyond. We lost track of each other somewhere along the line. Isn’t that the way life is. People walk into our lives, are there for awhile then are gone. Just like that, gone! In some instances for whatever reason, reappear again.

I’m so glad you are here again, my friend! I’ve missed you.