Book Club: First Impression


Along side with my writing goal this summer, I also have embarked on more reading time.  Good writers need to be good readers.  What better mentor then prestigious authors of books!  A group of teachers have formed a book club and we will be meeting and discussing some interesting stories.  We have 4 books planned for the summer.  Miss Peregrine is the first adventure, morbid adventure, that is.  I loved mystery and scary stories as a young girl but my taste for them has subsided.  I have learned from a good friend and co-worker that we need to “stomach” all the books that are chosen even though it is not our type of reading, and go along for the ride.  Sounds a lot like a college course, you just need to do it!  So this is where we are at!   I have found also that reading it at night gives me the “hibby-jibbys” which is what I loved as a young girl.

The character development of Grandpa Portman and Jacob are profound.  They are both very strong characters but in their own right, morbid right.  Grandpa might have been a bit emotionally disturbed as Jacob is a loner.  He loved his Grandpa and so begins his psychotic, downward-spiral after his Grandpa’s death.  Jacob is currently grieving.  I wonder if he will come out of this sane.  I wonder if Dr. Golan has something to do with all this.

On first impression, I have not finished the book but look forward to see what happens.  I love books and story lines that capture my attention in this way.  When I have to ask questions and leaves me with a sense of mystery, that means I am hooked and will finish the journey with the characters.


Alex the T-Rex

Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Goes Alex the T-Rex!  “He goes like this, Mom!”  As little Alex roars  with his little hands clutched to his side to make for the T-Rex’s little hands.  “Rrrrroooaaar!” says Alex the T-Rex.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Alex stomps his way into and out the kitchen where his Mom is cooking dinner.  Right before our eyes, Alex T-Rex’s  habitat slowly begins to get very dark, wet and muggy.

He stomps to the swamp to tease the little stegosaurus at the lake!  “Rrrroaarr!”  He goes with his horrible sound!  “It’s my turn for water, stegosaurus!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Stegosaurus steps aside to let him take his drink because he knows that Alex T-Rex IS the king.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  He stomps to the tallest tree in the jungle and sees the Brontasaurus taking a bite of leaves.  “Give me those leaves, Brontosaurus!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Brontosaurus offers his branch to Alex T-Rex because he knows he truly is the king.

Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  He makes his way into a large, cold cave at the side of the mountain.  Inside veloceraptor is sleeping on her soft nest of leaves that she picked the day before.  “Move over and let me rest, veloceraptor!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Veloceraptor gives up her nest because she knows Alex T-Rex is the king.

Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  The vines begin to vanish, the trees begin to shrivel.  The daylight begins to fade into darkness.  Alex T-Rex stomps into his Mom’s kitchen.  ”Give me some chocolate milk!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of my way!”  His Mama sweeps him off the floor, and says, “I’m the queen of this kitchen, little man!  Put those claws up and stomp yourself to bed!” as she sweeps him from the floor and gives him a hug and kiss.  “You are the king of my world, little man!”  Mom stomps the little T-Rex to bed.  “Good nite, little man. I love you”, she says.  “Good nite, Mom, I love you too”, says Alex.

Alex lays in his bed, stares into the starry night outside his bedroom window.  Stomp, stomp, stomping… in his dreams! Ssssshhh!

Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!


Published in online magazine: Robin Falls  (link below)