Hello Blogging World

It’s 2016! A new beginning and new resolutions after much evaluating of the prior year. One being coming into blogging world more often.  I’ve been away awhile.  Tonight ends my winter break and I’ve had a chance to recharge and refuel! It was wonderful!

My day ends with a daily devotion of PRAISE.  Praise can be song, words, dance, writing, poems, stories, testimony!  I will begin my year with words and songs of praise. As I write in my journal which I’ve finished tonight, and ready to begin a new one, my spirit rejoices when I meditate on what praise means. It means to fill with joy for tomorrow, for work, for the weak and the struggling– to be strong for them. To be the light of the world they need, we need, our town needs, our country, our world needs! We need it, cannot be without it, it’s a gift, it’s amazing!

So let’s write a story, a poem, a song, and hug a friend. It’s a great way to begin the new year! It will be great!


Blogging and Photo 101: A Different Audience and A Gallery

Tonight I will kill two birds with one stone and catch up on two assignments in one post.  I will call this gallery, What Is Important.  The audience I will focus on is the photo crowd.  Many of my images are online clips and some actual personal photos.  I want to focus more on the visual perspective this summer because I am a very visual person. I am truly this person: Talk to me I may remember, show me I will internalize!  The assignments in Photography 101 are excellent lessons to place in my belt of tools for taking pictures.   Stimulating the senses will make a writing piece so much more impactful I believe.  I have also embarked on drawing and painting which I will share in future posts.

I have entitled this gallery What Is Important because they are clips I have used in previous writings.  I chose the images because they represent an emotion or person.  As you can see sometimes there’s confusion, and sometimes right on-the-button.  Sometimes I just don’t know.  At the end of the day, seeing it on the screen, journal page, or paper, helps me make sense of it and things get back on track.  The one constant in all this is God.  In all the turmoil, He is the constant that is always there for me, waiting peacefully…in prayer.

I hope you enjoyed it.  Please let me know what you think, and how you use images in your writings.

Blogging 101: Why I Am Here

I am excited to participate in this blogging workshop! It is a summer beginning for me. Summers are my favorite time because it seems to be the time I have lots more writing time. I am here to refresh my learning from last summer. I also participated in a similar workshop, ZERO TO HERO, but did not keep up as I would have liked. I did learn a lot from that series but did not practice enough. I hope to relearn and learn more here! I look forward to meeting others cyberly on this same journey perhaps, and learn from others too.

Good morning, here from Texas!


Reteach, Teach!

School time regression for sure.  It’s opposite for us teachers because our time and energy is consumed all year long in the classroom.  Life is our classroom and the little ones in it.

I always do this…what I’m doing now.  I’ve seen a pattern to my writing now.  It gets closer to summer time, I’m getting excited for summer break and the muscles in my body begin to “un-tense”, if you will.  I go into my Facebook, change my profile pic to my summer breeze theme.  It’s a little funny but I guess I’m like that.  I wonder if anyone is in my shoes.  Any teachers coming to their end of year “energy recharge”?  Message me because that’s me!  Could be why I so LOVE the beach too because it’s a symbol of my summer breaks.

Only problem now is I’ve lost all I learned in my last blogging workshop– school year regression. It’s reverse for us teachers.  I haven’t come in here in a while and I’d like to update and change some things but I’ve forgotten how.  Sigh, great!  I’ll have to research and relearn.  Hopefully it will stay with me this time.



It’s what my life is most of the time.
It’s what my house looks like most of the time.
It’s what my mind feels like eighty percent of the time.
No time to catch up.

Every now and then I attempt to peep out
Of my whirlwind and send out an SOS
To let you know I’m still here…
And how it’s going.

The wind will stop soon.
It’s why I can’t sleep.
I’m dizzy!

Zero to Hero Day 19: New To You Format

This is my new post format for Zero to Hero.  I inserted YouTube, it was simple.  But it is something new than my usual.  Thanks for the idea!

My lucky man is going on a trip tomorrow.  BooHoo!  I love this song because it reminds me of him! Adele’s voice, the lyrics, it’s perfect.  Sorry for the mushy-mushy, I’m a hopeless romantic.  That’s just how special he is to me.

Have a safe trip, babe!