Alex the T-Rex

Memories of my boy! Priceless!

Life is a Beach!

Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Goes Alex the T-Rex!  “He goes like this, Mom!”  As little Alex roars  with his little hands clutched to his side to make for the T-Rex’s little hands.  “Rrrrroooaaar!” says Alex the T-Rex.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Alex stomps his way into and out the kitchen where his Mom is cooking dinner.  Right before our eyes, Alex T-Rex’s  habitat slowly begins to get very dark, wet and muggy.

He stomps to the swamp to tease the little stegosaurus at the lake!  “Rrrroaarr!”  He goes with his horrible sound!  “It’s my turn for water, stegosaurus!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Stegosaurus steps aside to let him take his drink because he knows that Alex T-Rex IS the king.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  He stomps to the tallest tree in the jungle and sees the Brontasaurus taking a bite of leaves.  “Give me those leaves, Brontosaurus!  I’m the…

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Hello Blogging World

It’s 2016! A new beginning and new resolutions after much evaluating of the prior year. One being coming into blogging world more often.  I’ve been away awhile.  Tonight ends my winter break and I’ve had a chance to recharge and refuel! It was wonderful!

My day ends with a daily devotion of PRAISE.  Praise can be song, words, dance, writing, poems, stories, testimony!  I will begin my year with words and songs of praise. As I write in my journal which I’ve finished tonight, and ready to begin a new one, my spirit rejoices when I meditate on what praise means. It means to fill with joy for tomorrow, for work, for the weak and the struggling– to be strong for them. To be the light of the world they need, we need, our town needs, our country, our world needs! We need it, cannot be without it, it’s a gift, it’s amazing!

So let’s write a story, a poem, a song, and hug a friend. It’s a great way to begin the new year! It will be great!

Sunshine Award


I want to thank Diana at Part Time Monster, for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.  I excitedly accept!  It is my first!  Bare with me, I’m still learning the technical ropes to WordPress, and thanks to Zero to Hero, I hope to learn more and make my blog better!

The rules are to nominate 10 more bloggers for the same award and notify them.  Also, include 11 facts about yourself.  That sounds like fun!  Here it goes!

The following nominations are blogs that I have been following and enjoy immensely.  They are:

1.  Daily Haiku by Haiku Andy

2.  Leanne Cole Photography

3.  Living Life Day by Day

4.  Blue Girl Poems

5.  My Twice Baked Potato

6.  2812 Photography

7.  Squarehead Teachers

8.  50yroldkid

9.  Long walks and dark chocolate

10.  Father at 54

I love the stories and poetry!  Now, facts about myself…

1.  I love chocolate…any kind.

2.  I will kill you with kindness!

3.  I am really scared of spiders and snakes.

4.  I love Star Wars, Super heroes and fairy tales. (oh, that’s 3 in 1…oops!)

5.  I stay up really late when I get up really early.

6.  I am not scared of getting old while others my age are TERRIFIED… I’m only 48! 😉

7.  I have no regrets

8.  I love fairy tales, with new twists, like the series, ONCE UPON A TIME

9.  In my lifetime, I want to publish a book(s): poems, childrens’ stories, daily inspirations…”A poem a day keeps the Uglies away”…something like that, j/k 🙂

10.  I’m a grown kid at heart

11.  I’m blessed with a wonderful husband who supports me in WHATEVER I WANT!

Quote Me


Zero to Hero: Day 3

This is a topic from 365 day prompts for the whole year.  Honestly, I am not sure if this was for last year or this.  I liked it!  I thought this was appropriate for Zero to Hero so I posted.  I’m about a day behind.  I started but then did not finish yesterday but I’ll catch up!  😉

When I think of my favorite quote, I think of something that I want to be remembered by.   There a lot of quotes I enjoy.  The day will come when people will say, “she always said…”   But I want it to be something I said, and LIVED!  I appreciate the ones that are focused on inner being and self. Because the exterior is so “wishy washy”.  If our solid base, our inside, is based on  love, acceptance and faith, I believe we can live a good life.  My blog has that sort of mentality, live whatever comes your way and make it a “beach and sunshine”!  How we cope with things is completely up to us.  The beach is my happy place!  What is your happy place?