College Shirt Monday

I love Mondays! Well, not really. It usually means going back to my weekday hiatus which is always difficult. But on Mondays we can go in jeans and college shirts to promote higher education. It’s a EASE into-the-week ritual. I like it! Easier for me anyways. I’m that kinda blue jean gal!

Have a great week!


Back To School


If it is one thing I have learned this summer is… always have a good book to dive into and live in it awhile. Especially during the school year because now that I have gone back to class…this is my reading!  Again, I love my job but summer break is still ringing in my ears!  It has taken me this long to get back into my blog and update as I promised.  I’m still in the transition process of trying to “fit it all in” during the course of my day.  I think I have squished my visits to the gym in there, and am thinking I can add my “leisure reading” at the pool after working out.

While I still have to do my “required reading” (above), for those little kiddos who are counting on me for the 3 R’s, my personal sanity is requiring escape reading with books about pirates and rock-n roll!   😉

Have a great week!

Boxes, boxes


Planning, moving and rearranging

Is the process teachers take the days before school starts.

Will my desk work here?  Or maybe there.

Where’s the box with my pretty pointers?

Where’s the box with the posters, the months of the year

and the calendar?

Desks in a row, in a group, or maybe solitaire.

Dust on my hands, in my nose

on my shirt, or tank top for today.

It’s still summer, I tease myself into thinking.

Boxes on top of each other,

OUCH!…that hurt my big toe

with my flip flops still on.

I remember I should bring my tennis shoes tomorrow.

As I work moving and rearranging

my room!

Where’s the box with the…

Getting ready for my first graders!