Mi Bilingual Verano

Eight days and counting

Oigo las olas del mar

I’ll be there pronto!


Alex the T-Rex

Memories of my boy! Priceless!

Life is a Beach!

Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Goes Alex the T-Rex!  “He goes like this, Mom!”  As little Alex roars  with his little hands clutched to his side to make for the T-Rex’s little hands.  “Rrrrroooaaar!” says Alex the T-Rex.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Alex stomps his way into and out the kitchen where his Mom is cooking dinner.  Right before our eyes, Alex T-Rex’s  habitat slowly begins to get very dark, wet and muggy.

He stomps to the swamp to tease the little stegosaurus at the lake!  “Rrrroaarr!”  He goes with his horrible sound!  “It’s my turn for water, stegosaurus!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Stegosaurus steps aside to let him take his drink because he knows that Alex T-Rex IS the king.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  He stomps to the tallest tree in the jungle and sees the Brontasaurus taking a bite of leaves.  “Give me those leaves, Brontosaurus!  I’m the…

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Letter by FIFTY GIRL

Dear Diary,

YES, girl is a good title for this entry, because I don’t completely feel like anything else in this writing right now. Today marks number 5-1! Half a century and 1! I’ve gone through my 5oth year. It sucked, I’ll say. I say that from the perspective of health. While my health was not one of a terminal or yet chronic condition that I know of right now, but it was definitely an eye opening year. My hip, thigh and leg were seriously irritable this year. They spent a good portion of the year reminding me that I’m 50! Please rest assure, this is completely from my perspective. I realize we all have different experiences but I always looked upon aging as just a passing thing. Didn’t really worry about it. But we really have to pay attention to our health. The earlier the better.

On an emergency tour to my orthopedic doctor, he gives me the wonderful news (my sarcastic thinking voice) that my X-rays look fine, my blood work has no sign of arthritis.😐 However, blood work was not looking for diabetes, etc. but there’s no severe arthritis.😐 Then why have I been feeling like crap! (Thinking to myself) While I had some minor signs of arthritis visible, it is early and further damage can be stopped. How? Loose weight! 😬Now, I have heard this before. I see how it can really mess up your health now, if you don’t take care of yourself! As always I learn this, really learn this,  in the moment! Well, at least I know I can’t or SHOULDN’T get bigger!

The problem is, it’s hard! For me, it’s time. I just have to manage my time right and stick to it. Well, I know I have to do something, or else!

On the lighter side, my 50th started me on a ride to a new job. New district! It’s a nice change but it’s very demanding and more clerical work, and physically demanding too. I feel I won’t last long there. I may go back to prior district after a couple of years here. But, to new colleagues, new PRINCIPAL, which I could deal with for another 5 years till retirement.

So there’s my last trimester plan. Sounds weird putting life into pieces but I guess you start thinking of that when you get in the fifties.

While my kids are a very special part of my life, I know they will have lives of their own. They will not be thinking of me all the time. As much as I want them to at least REMENBER me, but I don’t want them to make their life worrying about me. Life is too precious for that. The Lord knows I’ve lived my life in abundance in many ways. I’m blessed I’m still here. Seriously, kiddos, think of me on holidays, birthdays, and when I miss you, call me. 😊

I’ll end this entry on a strong and blessed note, my partner in life. I seriously cannot imagine going on this journey without him by my side. Even in my fifties, I look forward to fun times, retirement, trips with my love. Through sickness and health, I know he will love and care for me as I will for him.

But it’ll be better, if I loose weight! 😉❤️😄💜😊 That’s my plan. I’m a good planner BTW, carrying them out is another story, or entry!

Fifty Girl




I think it’s time to let
a little steam out.
All the things I should
and the things I holdout.

I want to stay home and
watch a movie in the dark.

I want to read a book
and go away to New Orleans,
Listen to jazz all day
And drink ’til I’m leaning.

I want more quiet
where I can rest and recharge.
Listen to the waves
on a glamorous barge.

I want to go shopping
for things I want
like earrings, watches and purses and shoes!
Is it too extravagant?

I want to sleep as late as I need
Go into the office, you say?
Who needs it!?
Not me! It’s driving me insane!

Walk around all day
Do whatever…
Look around all day
Until I’m blue in the face…

I’d go crazy I think
with all this freedom
on my hands.
Perhaps I’m best
and not really ready
To be let loose
Into the Wonderland.