Monopoly with You and You!

Monopoly with kids
Day 10

“Okay, it’s play time, kiddos!”

I tell my kiddos in an attempt to PULL them away from the electronic devices in our home. The things kids can do nowadays with their iPods, DS’s, Nintendos, iPads, Kindles…what else? It is just amazing but paralyzing at the same time. Paralyzing in that the devices become like mini leaches and do not let go of the kids! Just yesterday my kids were on different devices and playing a game with about 6 other different friends. They were all playing the same game! I was flabber-gasted! I guess that could count as “playing together” with friends. They were talking to each other in a game, about the game. Does that count? Technology today! What happened to Pac-man?!

Well, today was a hard pull, but I succeeded! We played good old-fashion Monopoly Junior…Disney version, that is. It has to be a little updated. As I played with my kids, I saw a spark of life come back into their faces. They were actually talking to each other –face to face. They looked beautiful and handsome!

While technology is good and all, folks…we need to pull a little to get our kids back into our arms and in the real world. Monopoly was fun. Tomorrow will be another adventure. Let’s see, how about checkers! 😉