Hello 2014!

I did it again, and did not come back.  I apologize to my followers who were giving me the motivation to write in the freshness of Summer…but REAL life of the Fall got in the way.  As is the case with me always.  So many things have occurred, some good and some not.  So I will report from the cozy warm now …

Winter break

I am not making many resolutions because they change and never kept for long. But I sure can report of what I look forward to in 2014. I look forward to new friendships and relationships in school, church, work and home. Some relationships have gone to the slippery slide and look forward to a rejuvenation and recharge. I look forward to my childrens’ future this year. They have all embarked on new paths: graduating from high school, moving away to college, working two jobs, continuing sports and academics through training and study. I look forward to another wonderful year with my husband who continually gives me strength, energy and love to get me through all our challenges. Some are good and some are not. But together, we can do it all. But most importantly, we can do it all with and through Jesus. I thank you, Jesus for my many blessings and the many more to come!

I look forward to continuing my writing, be it in bits and pieces, but I am still here. In the comfort of my warm blanket in this cool Winter break, I take a slow pace to hear the cracks in the wood and the glow from the fire, and write. I hope everyone will have a wonderful new year and many blessings this week!