Blogging 101: Why I Am Here

I am excited to participate in this blogging workshop! It is a summer beginning for me. Summers are my favorite time because it seems to be the time I have lots more writing time. I am here to refresh my learning from last summer. I also participated in a similar workshop, ZERO TO HERO, but did not keep up as I would have liked. I did learn a lot from that series but did not practice enough. I hope to relearn and learn more here! I look forward to meeting others cyberly on this same journey perhaps, and learn from others too.

Good morning, here from Texas!


The Couch is Cold

The couch has been my friend this morning. I haven’t moved for about an hour. It is amazing. I don’t usually sit this long at one sitting because I’m always moving doing something. Here in my part of Texas we had a POLAR PLUNGE last night so schools are closed, games cancelled, streets are iced. We truly can’t handle cold here. I’ve been visiting the cyber world, reading and seeing hilarious posts! This is totally us…


My hubby is back from his LUCKY trip. So we are all trapped in our homes waiting for the ice to melt on our streets. Fine with me! Gives me a chance to think, read some more and post. The couch is the best place for that! I’ll try and keep warm! 🙂