Just Do It!


Play hard, get the ball!
Rebound, defense!
Awesome play! Way to hustle!
Love the game.


One More Adventure


Day 26

Hard to believe that my summer break is almost over. 😑 I went to my first workshop today (I say with mixed feelings). But it was quite refreshing to say the least. I think I am getting closer to accept reality and normal living again. This summer has been a blast! I’ve loved sharing my daily rants and inspirations with you, and that you have enjoyed them. I promise I will continue daily until the very last day….of my break, and thereafter.

There is one more adventure this summer and that is our basketball tournament at a near beach in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our whole team is going. We are all excited. I am ready to visit with our warm Gulf waters, and end this summer.

The beach is my love, and I will retire there. My second life will be that of a beach bum who loves to write! 😉