Math Monster

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Land of Confusion.”

Uuugh, I get the shivers

When I think of it!


I can still see its decimal-pointy jaws,

Spiky, multiplying legs,

Squiggly percentage-like eyes.

Get me out of here, I’d beg!


“Quiz time, quiz time

Take out a paper.

Put your name on top and

face the front.”

Said Mister Math Wizard Caper.


I’d shiver and shake

And wonder why

The math monster would target me

I couldn’t help but cry.


On test days, homework

And practice pages it’d reign.

For many days, years

I’d struggle from its domain.


Until one day, I said

Enough is enough

I will defeat this once and for all…


Then I woke up…

Piff, poff, puff!


It’s what my life is most of the time.
It’s what my house looks like most of the time.
It’s what my mind feels like eighty percent of the time.
No time to catch up.

Every now and then I attempt to peep out
Of my whirlwind and send out an SOS
To let you know I’m still here…
And how it’s going.

The wind will stop soon.
It’s why I can’t sleep.
I’m dizzy!


You think after so many years in teaching, I’d have it down sweet as a whistle….but, no. I still get nervous on these last days thinking of packing, getting papers done, turn supplies in, disconnecting and cleaning computers…huh. I never know how to stack it. But, here we are.

It’s been a long day packing. Then coming home helping my daughter with a last school project, getting kids to bed early for a couple of more days. I finally get to relax and unwind with the Hubs watching our TV shows like CRISIS and 24. At times I begin to doze off, fighting the sleep so I can watch my favorite shows.

I fumble to bed, “Gnite, hon, I’m tired”.

“Okay, be there in a bit”, he says.

I fall asleep quickly. Up before I know it –early bird.

So glad it’s almost over.

Boxes, boxes


Planning, moving and rearranging

Is the process teachers take the days before school starts.

Will my desk work here?  Or maybe there.

Where’s the box with my pretty pointers?

Where’s the box with the posters, the months of the year

and the calendar?

Desks in a row, in a group, or maybe solitaire.

Dust on my hands, in my nose

on my shirt, or tank top for today.

It’s still summer, I tease myself into thinking.

Boxes on top of each other,

OUCH!…that hurt my big toe

with my flip flops still on.

I remember I should bring my tennis shoes tomorrow.

As I work moving and rearranging

my room!

Where’s the box with the…

Getting ready for my first graders!