Listen to the Morning

It really is beautiful.

The leaves gently swaying with the wind.

To hear the spring birds with seagulls in unison with a song.

The sky fire reflects what is below

Is clear…

The divide between us and our Maker.


Blogging 101: Day 2

I am happy with today’s assignment that makes me go back and rethink my blog’s title and tagline.  I am happy with my title most definitely.  The beach and summer is a symbol and time of my writing for me.    I did change my tagline, however, but I will still think a bit more.  I want something a little more catchy, short but uniquely me.  For now my writing is a “come as I am” kind of blog, very personal I think.   This summer it will be more prompt related but in a “blog-improvement-kinda-way” so it’s good.  I look forward to more!