Blogging and Photo 101: A Different Audience and A Gallery

Tonight I will kill two birds with one stone and catch up on two assignments in one post.  I will call this gallery, What Is Important.  The audience I will focus on is the photo crowd.  Many of my images are online clips and some actual personal photos.  I want to focus more on the visual perspective this summer because I am a very visual person. I am truly this person: Talk to me I may remember, show me I will internalize!  The assignments in Photography 101 are excellent lessons to place in my belt of tools for taking pictures.   Stimulating the senses will make a writing piece so much more impactful I believe.  I have also embarked on drawing and painting which I will share in future posts.

I have entitled this gallery What Is Important because they are clips I have used in previous writings.  I chose the images because they represent an emotion or person.  As you can see sometimes there’s confusion, and sometimes right on-the-button.  Sometimes I just don’t know.  At the end of the day, seeing it on the screen, journal page, or paper, helps me make sense of it and things get back on track.  The one constant in all this is God.  In all the turmoil, He is the constant that is always there for me, waiting peacefully…in prayer.

I hope you enjoyed it.  Please let me know what you think, and how you use images in your writings.