Moody Morning

How I feel sometimes.

Out of place, not my own, grey.

Up early, writing.

Daily Prompt



To Write or Not

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”


To write or not… is my journey.  This journey has been going on for about three years or so.  In writing, I found a new hobby, excitement, or satisfaction in using words, phrases, pictures, sound and videos in today’s new technology to make my voice heard, to make my feelings felt, to make my visions seen, simply to speak my heart and share.

I can say what I want, how I want, and follow no rules but my own…somewhat.   But along the way in this journey , I’ve discovered that I don’t have the time to devote to it.  It has been my excuse since the beginning that I cannot continue as regularly as I would like.  I recently read an eye-opening, and thought-provoking post here by a WordPress blogger, MBTTTR.  He speaks of needing a partner, or co-partner, in writing!  But in finishing what he starts because he has innovative and excellent projects, which is what I am.  However, following through and finishing, is another story.

Perhaps that is what I am experiencing when I use “time” as my excuse.  Perhaps the fact of the matter is, I just can’t finish it!  I have tons of stories in my head.  Poems that are just waiting to get inspired to be written.  I have plenty of passion to go around but to physically make the time to sit and write it for you is another story.

So my journey continues, which is the essence of my blog, Life Is A Beach, a writing journey.  A journey to learn, write and share.

Daily Post: Singular Sensation

The one person I hope to be reading this blog is…my future publisher! 🙂 I, one day, dream of being a published author of a book. I wonder if that is different from blogging or the blog world. I would love to have the actual, hard-cover book to give to my child. Or, a teacher say to her students, “The author of this book is…”

I do not consider myself an experience writer as many are here in Word Press, but I am working passionately to become one. I would show my future publisher the two genres I enjoy writing in, poetry and narratives. I would hope that he or she would smile or enjoy any of the stories I have posted and relate somehow perhaps. I would also say, my next project is realistic fiction and/or fiction for children. I am a kid at heart and love superheroes and fairy tales. Another project I would love to explore is a biography, but in “kid” form. For example, a Junie B. Jones or Fancy Nancy to take the persona of, me. I’m working on that, actually.

For today, I am writing for myself and for my followers. Perhaps one day my dream will come true, just like in a fairy tale!


Zero to Hero: Day 1


Hello everyone!  I have accepted the challenge and want to learn more.  I updated and submitted my original and first post when I started “Life is a Beach”, and it was interesting.  🙂 I have had this blog for awhile but I am always open to new learning.

I am a mother to 6, teacher, wife, friend, daughter, writer, and Superwoman!  Not in that order, but you get the picture. I juggle many roles. There are many of us out there that have the juggling power. 🙂 Writing has evolved to a therapy for me, and now I love coming in and sharing. I enjoy it! Writing is “Me” time, and it is precious. My hope is to make connections with others experiencing the same, and maybe give some relief too that we are not alone.  It’s even better if I can give a chuckle, sigh, heart jump, or smile at what I share.

I hope you can come and visit sometime.  Happy blogging and Zero to Hero!