Alone With You: A poem of love on Father’s Day


To my husband,

 You have inspired me in so many ways and have helped me open up doors that were closed for a long time.  You have shown me what love can do!  You are an amazing role model of love and firmness to our gang, and for that I am thankful.  This poem is for you, my love!

Happy Father’s Day!

Your Missus– 

When I’m alone with you
I feel free and fresh
When I’m alone with you
You make me feel safe and sure.

Whatever the world brings my way
You are there to break it up for me
Your love is my shield
Your love is my permission.

When I’m alone with you
I can be just how I am.
When I’m alone with you
You love me just this way.

Your caresses are my shield
Your hugs are my security
Your kisses reaffirm how lucky I am
That I can be just me.

Whenever I’m alone with you.
You make me feel like I’m home.
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I’m whole.

I will always and forever love you.
I thank God that he brought me –you.


Inspired by Lovesong, Adele





I think it’s time to let
a little steam out.
All the things I should
and the things I holdout.

I want to stay home and
watch a movie in the dark.

I want to read a book
and go away to New Orleans,
Listen to jazz all day
And drink ’til I’m leaning.

I want more quiet
where I can rest and recharge.
Listen to the waves
on a glamorous barge.

I want to go shopping
for things I want
like earrings, watches and purses and shoes!
Is it too extravagant?

I want to sleep as late as I need
Go into the office, you say?
Who needs it!?
Not me! It’s driving me insane!

Walk around all day
Do whatever…
Look around all day
Until I’m blue in the face…

I’d go crazy I think
with all this freedom
on my hands.
Perhaps I’m best
and not really ready
To be let loose
Into the Wonderland.


Math Monster

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Land of Confusion.”

Uuugh, I get the shivers

When I think of it!


I can still see its decimal-pointy jaws,

Spiky, multiplying legs,

Squiggly percentage-like eyes.

Get me out of here, I’d beg!


“Quiz time, quiz time

Take out a paper.

Put your name on top and

face the front.”

Said Mister Math Wizard Caper.


I’d shiver and shake

And wonder why

The math monster would target me

I couldn’t help but cry.


On test days, homework

And practice pages it’d reign.

For many days, years

I’d struggle from its domain.


Until one day, I said

Enough is enough

I will defeat this once and for all…


Then I woke up…

Piff, poff, puff!