Merry Christmas!

  • 701D546A-EA1E-4B34-8FAF-341EAA2A741FMerry Christmas WordPress World! I do hope you are spending your holidays the way you’d like. I was just off work 3 days ago so Christmas has come and gone. Bye, Santa! A little relieved it’s passed and was looking forward to rest. Today is the day after. I am sitting in med clinic with a sprained ankle! While my break from school just started, I may wind up in a boot for the SECOND time.  At this point I am not too sure what it is. Joint degeneration is causing my sprains perhaps— symptoms of aging. 😐 It all started when I hit my 50th year. I’m 52 now. I blame it on a previous injury of my youth. Perhaps I’d be up and around more if I didn’t have that prior injury. Heck, things happen for a reason.

But here I am once again waiting to be called. My ankle hurting with any movement and any touch. Stinks! I’ll be forced to rest once again.

Good bye, Santa!