Book Club: First Impression


Along side with my writing goal this summer, I also have embarked on more reading time.  Good writers need to be good readers.  What better mentor then prestigious authors of books!  A group of teachers have formed a book club and we will be meeting and discussing some interesting stories.  We have 4 books planned for the summer.  Miss Peregrine is the first adventure, morbid adventure, that is.  I loved mystery and scary stories as a young girl but my taste for them has subsided.  I have learned from a good friend and co-worker that we need to “stomach” all the books that are chosen even though it is not our type of reading, and go along for the ride.  Sounds a lot like a college course, you just need to do it!  So this is where we are at!   I have found also that reading it at night gives me the “hibby-jibbys” which is what I loved as a young girl.

The character development of Grandpa Portman and Jacob are profound.  They are both very strong characters but in their own right, morbid right.  Grandpa might have been a bit emotionally disturbed as Jacob is a loner.  He loved his Grandpa and so begins his psychotic, downward-spiral after his Grandpa’s death.  Jacob is currently grieving.  I wonder if he will come out of this sane.  I wonder if Dr. Golan has something to do with all this.

On first impression, I have not finished the book but look forward to see what happens.  I love books and story lines that capture my attention in this way.  When I have to ask questions and leaves me with a sense of mystery, that means I am hooked and will finish the journey with the characters.


5 responses to “Book Club: First Impression

  1. Hello! You haven’t finished this? Don’t forget that this is the first in a series. The ending is WIDE OPEN! 🙂 Also, did you know that Tim Burton is directing the movie version of “Peculiar Children”? It’s set to be released next year! 🙂

  2. This is actually the book that sent me back to reading such kind of fiction, haven’t read the books that follow but I say this is definitely a very good book…

    • Yes, absolutely. I love how Riggs makes the connection with mystery, terror, history, and a personal connection (loosing someone close). I could definitely see me checking the books that follow. Thanks for your comment.

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