You think after so many years in teaching, I’d have it down sweet as a whistle….but, no. I still get nervous on these last days thinking of packing, getting papers done, turn supplies in, disconnecting and cleaning computers…huh. I never know how to stack it. But, here we are.

It’s been a long day packing. Then coming home helping my daughter with a last school project, getting kids to bed early for a couple of more days. I finally get to relax and unwind with the Hubs watching our TV shows like CRISIS and 24. At times I begin to doze off, fighting the sleep so I can watch my favorite shows.

I fumble to bed, “Gnite, hon, I’m tired”.

“Okay, be there in a bit”, he says.

I fall asleep quickly. Up before I know it –early bird.

So glad it’s almost over.


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