Daily Prompt: The Luckiest Person


The birthday boy, of course!  It is my husband’s birthday weekend actually.  Lucky man he gets a long weekend too (MLK Monday).  🙂  Here in this part of the hemisphere, it’s 9 a.m. on Saturday so he is the first person I have encountered today when I rolled over.  It is pretty easy to write about him because he is such a strong person in my life and have a lot to say.  But today, a little different perspective, why Hubs is  “lucky”.

Right off the top of my head, Hubs gets to travel.  He hasn’t told me how he “despises” traveling so I can assume he’s okay with it.   I think he’s lucky because he gets to take off twice a month and have some alone time without the wife and kids “consuming”  his every move and space.  We are like that, we spend a lot of time together doing our family things, as you may have read some of our adventures on this blog.  Our alone time is pretty scarce.  But I think he gets some pretty fine time on his travels so he is lucky.   He needs it too.   We all do.

One day the kids will be grown and won’t need us and our time so much.  Our time will come when we can travel together perhaps.



4 responses to “Daily Prompt: The Luckiest Person

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  2. I have to say I think yours is a keeper as well. I really hope you both get to travel together and reach all of the destinations that you both want to go to.

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