Daily Post: Singular Sensation

The one person I hope to be reading this blog is…my future publisher! 🙂 I, one day, dream of being a published author of a book. I wonder if that is different from blogging or the blog world. I would love to have the actual, hard-cover book to give to my child. Or, a teacher say to her students, “The author of this book is…”

I do not consider myself an experience writer as many are here in Word Press, but I am working passionately to become one. I would show my future publisher the two genres I enjoy writing in, poetry and narratives. I would hope that he or she would smile or enjoy any of the stories I have posted and relate somehow perhaps. I would also say, my next project is realistic fiction and/or fiction for children. I am a kid at heart and love superheroes and fairy tales. Another project I would love to explore is a biography, but in “kid” form. For example, a Junie B. Jones or Fancy Nancy to take the persona of, me. I’m working on that, actually.

For today, I am writing for myself and for my followers. Perhaps one day my dream will come true, just like in a fairy tale!



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