Being a Stepmom Sucks!

I’m sure that was the last thing you’d expect to see here. But, look what I have to go up against…


Step parents in general have a really bad rap. It’s all about causing misery, pain, and misfortune to our kids. Which, by the way, we love dearly. It just makes no sense. I think I have heard enough of it.

"Bring me her heart in this!"

“Bring me her heart in this!”

I think what everyone misunderstands is that we expect the same from our step kids that we do our own kids. In some of my statements I will use WE because I think I can represent most step moms in general. There is no difference when we expect great and wonderful things. When we want them to be all they can be, when we want them to become responsible, brave, and independent. And there is no difference when we expect them to get a job and not lay around all day, when we want them to do chores around the house or keep their rooms clean. It’s all the same for our BIOkids and STEPkids. I have seems these names on stepmom blogs and message boards in cyber space. I personally don’t like them and prefer to say, my kids.

My stepdaughter is on her way to Lubbock,Texas to become a Texas Tech University Raider! I am so excited for her. But I wonder If in the minds of WHOEVER if my joy matters or makes a difference. And that may be my own personal problem or issue, but again, look at what we have to go up against in the videos above. Statements and situations have happened and said to me in regards to my status or namesake which demean my genuine love for my kids. I can say here, it is wrong and incorrect because that is not what I am made of. It is not what WE are made of. We are made of something much stronger, brighter and pure. Yes, you will see us as evil queens here and there but who would not metamorphisize to that when they see clothes, underwear strung on the floor and bathrooms not cleaned in weeks. Sorry guys… All kids have to do it no matter who you are. So, let’s get real now!

Make it great in Lubbock, my dear. We are proud of you! Yes, me too! 🙂



2 responses to “Being a Stepmom Sucks!

  1. I agree! It weird because people who marry into the family in the form of an aunt or uncle are allowed to unconditionally love a child they don’t share blood with, but as step parents, there’s something suspicious about us..

    I was reading a book for young adults the other day. I was thrilled when I realized the woman the adolescent called “Mom” was actually her stepmom and they had a beautiful relationship. The teen was quite ill and through the whole book and the Mom was there, supporting her. Imagine my… I want to say surprise, but I wasn’t surprised… Imagine my disgust when it turned out the stepmom had Munchhausen by Proxy and had actually been trying to kill the girl her whole life. Thanks a lot media!

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