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Zero to Hero: Day 3

This is a topic from 365 day prompts for the whole year.  Honestly, I am not sure if this was for last year or this.  I liked it!  I thought this was appropriate for Zero to Hero so I posted.  I’m about a day behind.  I started but then did not finish yesterday but I’ll catch up!  😉

When I think of my favorite quote, I think of something that I want to be remembered by.   There a lot of quotes I enjoy.  The day will come when people will say, “she always said…”   But I want it to be something I said, and LIVED!  I appreciate the ones that are focused on inner being and self. Because the exterior is so “wishy washy”.  If our solid base, our inside, is based on  love, acceptance and faith, I believe we can live a good life.  My blog has that sort of mentality, live whatever comes your way and make it a “beach and sunshine”!  How we cope with things is completely up to us.  The beach is my happy place!  What is your happy place?



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