Zero to Hero: Day 1


Hello everyone!  I have accepted the challenge and want to learn more.  I updated and submitted my original and first post when I started “Life is a Beach”, and it was interesting.  🙂 I have had this blog for awhile but I am always open to new learning.

I am a mother to 6, teacher, wife, friend, daughter, writer, and Superwoman!  Not in that order, but you get the picture. I juggle many roles. There are many of us out there that have the juggling power. 🙂 Writing has evolved to a therapy for me, and now I love coming in and sharing. I enjoy it! Writing is “Me” time, and it is precious. My hope is to make connections with others experiencing the same, and maybe give some relief too that we are not alone.  It’s even better if I can give a chuckle, sigh, heart jump, or smile at what I share.

I hope you can come and visit sometime.  Happy blogging and Zero to Hero!


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