Sports Mom


Day 25

Today I wore the basketball mom shirt.  My kids participate in all the sports but this summer it has been basketball.  At school time, it will be flag football and volleyball…with an ounce of dance mom.  But that’s a different story, without all the dance mom drama that we speculate goes on from T.V.   The team was in a tournament today.  We didn’t come out on top like we are USED to like in regular basketball season, but lots of lessons were learned.  Lessons on determination, positive attitude, working as a team, helping other teammates, winning is not all, and skills.  Some if not all of these lessons can be applied to us adults too.

In this sports filled summer, we have put more attention on our own health and habits as parents.   We are committing to a healthier lifestyle by “squeezing” exercise into our already very busy lives.  We already have a plan of how we are going to do this.  We also realized that too much of our time is wasted anyways, so why not use it constructively and in a very positive way for our health.  A friend clarified today that it is so much more rewarding and satisfying to go to the gym after a day at work, to sit by the poolside and listen to the sweet music of Bob McFerrin’s, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.  As I reflected on that statement, I thought, absolutely–yes!  Our plan is on!

So how can I be a Sports Mom, and not be sporty?  Well, I am definitely going to try and apply some of those lessons that we as coaches and parents drill and teach our kids during sports.  We too need to…Just Do It!


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