Princess and Prince on the Fourth


Day 16

(Disney World Road Trip)

Today was the visit to Magic Kingdom!  My kids were in good company with all the Disney princesses, princes and cheerful characters.  They were brave pirates boarding Captain Sparrow’s ship and Buzz Lightyear’s space ship.  It will be a good day!

We all boarded a bus from the hotel to take us to the park.  We were excited as you can see.  The bus driver and all in the bus were very friendly.  As we will find out later in the evening, not ALL are friendly.  But for this moment, there were twinkles in all our eyes for the day to begin.


After a series of bus rides and trains, we finally approached the park.  And there in all her glory was the Cinderella castle.  What we had all been waiting for.  It was crumby that at that moment, the castle was closed.  They were preparing for some-sorta show.  But there it was!

On this particular day, it was incredibly crowded.  It was also the 4th of July.  There were thousands of other tourists that had the same idea we did going to Magic Kingdom on the fourth.  For the first time ever, we rented a scooter to help me and my knee along in the day’s walking.  It was quite interesting to say the least, but I am so glad we did.  I was able to enjoy the sights with my family for the ENTIRE day and into the evening.  It was wonderful!  I would plop my sweetie daughter on it with me when she also was getting tired.  Excellent day.


Among the many things to do at the kingdom was to take as many pictures with the characters as possible!  My kids have outgrown the “fear of people in suits”!  Boy, it was a terror trying to take them to see Santa Claus when they were smaller.  It just goes to show they are growing up and will not be small forever.  I am happy we were able to give them this experience with Goofy!  He truly was goofy with them.  Cristal was not too convinced because she would look at him like…really?!  She thinks she’s so big!  Danny didn’t want to at first, but we convinced him. They took the picture.  They made Mom and Dad happy.

We took plenty of rides of the Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Carribean, and also climbed the treehouse of the Swiss Family Robinson.  But some of the stories my husband and I realized the kids did not know.  They did not know who the Swiss family was, and Cristal hadn’t seen the entire movie of Cinderella.  Bad mommy, bad mommy…I know!  She doesn’t know the older princesses, only the newer ones.


This is how we ended our day at the park, with fireworks!  They were quite beautiful.  Even though we were not in front of the castle.  I thought to myself, this IS why we came here and we are not at the castle?!  I would give myself several Gibbs’ thumps on the head for not being there but realized it would’ve been impossible to get there and out on time.  There were THOUSANDS of people there.  So we found a nearby sitting place while we snacked on hot dogs, chips and soda, and we watched!  You can see the castle off the bottom right.  I’m sure it looked beautiful.  Looked great from where we were too.

Now the journey back to the bus stop.  Whew!  That was an adventure in itself.  It was a long walk.  I know I would not have lasted the entire day on my knee.  While some people were kind and thoughtful, others were not and did not give a flip.  Those inconsiderate and rude people broke my heart because there are people who need the scooters 24/7.  Bless their hearts!  But for this 4th of July, I enjoyed this time immensely with my husband, our  prince and princess!   They loved the Magic Kingdom, but it was time for this prince and princess to hit their royal beds in our kingdom!

Good night and sweet dreams.


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