Oh, Donald!

Disney Quest

Day 15
(Disney World Road trip)

Our kids just LOVE to spend the night in hotels and have breakfasts at the hotel or other places. We had a great “beginning of the day” with a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel with hot eggs, bacon, pancakes, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and warm coffee for Mom. My babies were in heaven!

On the second day of our Florida trip, we went out to Downtown Disney again but this time spent the afternoon and evening at Disney Quest. We were not quite sure what we were walking into until we saw the 5 floors of video fun!! OMG…the kids were once again in video heaven! We really had a good time playing games together!


As you can see in the picture above, there were interactive games!  Even the adults could play!  Of course, my husband had to join and partner in with my son in the battle of aliens.  I joined in in the more subtle activities of art classes with my daughter in the first floor.  I drew Donald!  Not bad if I say so myself!

My 7-year-old daughter wasn’t too happy with her drawing, “Mommy, you draw so good!  I don’t draw too good.”

“Thank you, baby, but I love yours! When your big like me you are going to draw even better than me!” I say chuckling.  My sweetie girl just smiles.

I decided to just snap a picture with my iPhone.  I did not want to pay $50 for my Donald!  Oh, Donald, not this time!  But, wait for the rest of the pictures I share.  We actually spend way over $50!


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