A Car Named Worry


Day 14

I was driving a car named Worry today. It didn’t really get me anywhere today but just a place called Nervesville. The place was a real drag in that everyone in it was a basket case! I would try to take a detour to Chorestown and at first, it went well. I was able to pick up in my room and master bath. I felt content in arranging the shirts in the closet. But the whining of self pity crept into town and dragged me out. Before I knew it, I was back in Worry. Worry would whisper to me of all the possibilities that could go wrong in surgery. It reminded me of my children and husband who still need me. The drive was just way too long. So I stopped….

I pulled out my bible and God reminded me of the Holy Spirit in Romans 8:26-27. He reminded me to pray and talk to Him. So I prayed…. and Worry drove away without me.


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