Day 13

After two days of driving, we were all pretty tired but excited to get to our destination.  I tell you, I think the kids did better than we did because I had to move to the back seat to stretch out my very cramped-up leg/knee (bad one) and Danny moved to the front with hubby.  I know, bad parent.  :-/  It was for a short ride only when we arrived in Orlando.  We checked in to our hotel and went out to dinner.

Arrival 3

After dinner, we walked to Downtown Disney.  It was a pretty fun place.  Everything was free!  I mean no entry fees.  We pretty much were doing everything “as we go”.  We walked around a bit more sightseeing.


At left, we were waiting to be seated at Planet Hollywood.  The kids wanted to start taking pictures.  There was an interesting restaurant called TRex which Danny and Cristal refused to enter.  :-/

Arrival 2

There was also an amazing river with paddle boats.  As well as a dragon made out of legos. Awesome!  Again, we were pretty tired.  I am giving it a rest while kids went into The Once Upon a Toy store.

We made our way back to the hotel which was just across the street.  As soon as our heads hit the pillow, we were all out.  We had to get rested up for the next day!  Sometimes it feels you need a vacation from your vacation…because days go quickly and busy.  But I will say…as long as it’s fun, it’s fine with me!

Good night!


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