The Trees

Trees 2
Day 9

Home sweet home! We are back from our Disney World road trip. I will be playing catch up on my daily posts which I promised back in June. I found it hard to blog. Our days were busy. We did not want to waste time so we filled our days with sight seeing and fun. In the evenings, we would arrive back at the hotel late so we were tired. We slept semi-late, and had warm breakfasts to start our days. However, I did manage to write in my iPad journal and take lots of pictures which I will share in my upcoming posts.

The trip was a success! The kids behaved well, while I think the grown ups (me and my hubby) were the ones that had to stop frequently. My husband will never admit it, but we know! At any rate, we made it to our destinations. Along the way, I could not help but notice the marvelous trees! As Dorothy might’ve said, I knew we were not in Texas anymore. For the next 10 days, this is all we would see. Just beautiful! It had to be the southeast because all through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida the trees were tall, vibrant, green and gorgeous!

The trees

My sweetheart and my kids could not believe why I was making a big deal out of the trees. If they only knew how and why to appreciate things, it would make the trip so much more fun and satisfying knowing we are experiencing something new and different. In addition, it would supply me with more material to write about and be inspired by! As an amateur writer, it is a must!

So for the next few days, I will be sharing my INSPIRATIONS, so to say, of our road trip. I am glad to be back home but now have new material to share. For today, it is the trees!


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