Springtime for my Family

Springtime is my favorite time of the year. I don’t do much but my kids do. Unfortunately in Texas, it is the shortest time. It consists of mostly hot summer days, not-so-cold winters, and so-so autumns. Supposedly it is spring, and the temperature is 50 degrees. It is cold! Crazy Texas weather! I’ve lived here all my life and you think I’d be used to it, but it just confuses me. But that’s Texas, ya’ll! I really don’t talk like that! At any rate, when the weather is nice, it is really nice, and feels like Spring.

Spring also marks the beginning of baseball season. We truly are a “sports” family. I couldn’t believe it really because I wasn’t much into sports growing up. Ask me about my husband, yup, he’s the sport genetic pool! So it’s taken me awhile to get into the motion. It wasn’t hard because it is our family-thing to do, and it’s fun. My kids are in some kind of sport all year around. We get short breaks in between. My husband and I are very involved and volunteer for the team just about all year. We have finished basketball and had a little break. Baseball is starting up now. I’m excited! You begin to miss the craziness and excitement of the games. Watching your kid play is the greatest! When you are around lots of other people who love it just like you, makes it all the better. So we will begin to see our sports family again.

Peanuts on the bench
While I do love spring, summer is probably closer to my season. It is a relaxing, chill, and “take a big breath” kinda time for me. I get to spend lots more time on this blog and working on my dream. But for now, practicing is just fine for me! After all, practice makes perfect!


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