Good Friday

Good Friday

What an emotional week it must have been for Jesus and his disciples. While we went on our busy and hectic days, I reflected on what Jesus must have been feeling. I know he prayed at the Mount of Olives and sweat blood (NIV Luke   39-43). I know he cried out in fear while on the cross, “Why hast though forsake me?” (NIV Matthew 27:46) What anguish!  Any desperation or fear I’ve felt in my life is nothing compared to what Jesus must have felt.

I couldn’t help but reflect on this this week. As  a small child, I always watched the life of Jesus on television, and I always cried during his crucifixion. But I always jumped for joy at the resurrection. Little did I know that I was getting to know Jesus as a little girl.  As a grown woman I recognize Him, and He continues to be in my life.  For that, I am thankful.

I wish everyone a wonderful Easter.  I do hope that you also have had the time to reflect on Jesus’s life, and be thankful for all the blessings.  Because THERE ARE blessings even when we don’t know it.  All that is good and wonderful is a gift from God.  Take this Easter time to say, THANK YOU!


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