Spring Break 2013

Family trip!  Just us and the kids! NASA here we come!  In an effort to motivate my 8 year old son to prepare for a space project, we planned a trip to NASA.  Needless to say, he was very concerned with playing on the moon rock wall, the space Angry bird cage, and having lunch, I tried.  I think he learned something, I sure did!

We went through the history of our space journey so far in museums.  The kids were impressed with that. The shows were nice.  There is a space station in the works, ISS, International Space Station, doing studies now. Russia, Europe, USA are currently supplying and handling the station.  Our NASA scientists are hard at work developing new technology and programs for our next adventure into Mars.  There are more explorations back to the moon as well.  In this picture are some of the technologies being worked on….a robo-naut. Can’t remember what they call him but its pretty cool.  The presenters informed us the astronauts for the Mars mission are not in training because they are in elementary school right now! 😀 As a parent, I jumped on the bandwagon… and my imagination began to jump to 20-25 years in the future of my astronaut son or daughter.  Could happen!  I was already thinking to myself how we could build Danny’s planet model and incorporate space travel, while Danny’s mind is wondering about lunch.  The presenters left the audience amazed, even Danny.

Our day was productive with a fair share of education and fun.  We broke up our day and had lunch with Ronald McDonald and a tour of the astronaut training facility.  All in a day’s work for the Mars astronauts of the future! 😄



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