Exercise shoes – check!

Towel – check!

Jogging pants – check!

Water bottle – check!

iPod and Pandora – check!

Ready for the gym!

A little nervous and

self conscious of my new

challenge and goal,

but determined to see it through.

The choices I have made are bad for my health.

I see it everyday on my waist, my chin, my feet

and knee.

My pots and pans are arranged just so,

granite counters, black fancy appliances

and gorgeous they are.

They are not my friends

because I have misused their trust–

as doctors plainly report.

I need to loose weight,

I need to loose weight

is what they all say.

I hear them loud and clear

thru their stethoscopes and

white coats.

I need to make better choices

I see.

Choose greener greens,

more fruity fruit.

Stay away from those sweeties

on my shiny granite counters

that has put on all this extra weight.

I don’t know how I’m not ashamed to say.

But learn I will.

To sauté and use only a pinch of this.

To blend and add a dash of that.

And, use portions and be conscious of them!

Oh, yes I will if I want to get rid of this

on my hips.

Despite it all, I know Jesus loves me

–unconditional love.

What matters is inside and

not what size blouse I use.

But I need this body to carry out His

work, so better choices I need

to make.

My cherry wood cabinet, rounded corners

And ceramic tile floor

will become my friend and

not my enemy,

and my Lord as always,

because better choices

I will make.


2nd Place Level Champion in (www.FaithWriters.com)

Beginners Level


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