“Splish-Splash” Summer…is in gear!

The summer has begun for me and my family!  I am so excited right now.  I am thinking of all the wonderful things we can do and places we can go.  But notice, how I say “can” go.  That usually means we have to “think about it” somewhat.  My husband is one of those spontaneous kinda Dads and honeys, who likes to just “get up and go”, which makes life interesting, I’ve learned.  When you come from a background and work ethic like mine that all requires advanced planning months ahead of time, that was hard for me to get used to.  But in the summer, it’s okay, and I can almost say….awesome!

We started a little early getting into summer mode with my son, Danny’s, 8th birthday bash!  It evolved in “Splish Splash/Angry Bird Swimming birthday bash!  It was a swimming AND house party combo!  The kids had a blast!  I had fun too putting it all together. With the help of my son and stepdaughter, it all came together!  This sign was placed at the drive up entrance to our neighborhood pool with angry bird balloons.  The key was taped to the poster, lol, to let our guests in.  We left the key out there for 2 hours only which was the time allotted for the swimming to happen.  Hence, the Splish-Splash Angry Birds Swimming Birthday Bash”!  (That’s a mouthful!)

I found some wonderful party ideas on Pinterest that I incorporated into the Splish Splash party.  As well as, my older son’s graduation party which is another post entirely.  At any rate, the kids loved the goodies.  I made some Jello aquariums, teddy bear cupcakes, and cute “thank you” notes for the goodie bags which I will share.  I used chocolate graham fishes for the jello aquarium.  The recipe called for gummy fishes and/or swedish fish but noted that it would have a strange sour taste.  So I avoided that all together and used the graham fishes.  The kids made the teddy bear cupcakes.   And, of course, the first to ask, “can i eat it now?!” was the birthday boy!



I have to share that an Angry Bird balloon making center evolved on my breakfast table!  😀 I was not even aware until I saw some kids sitting there making balloons!  In preparing for the party, my older son was blowing up and decorating balloons as angry birds and left all the stickers and balloons on the breakfast table.  Well, the kids helped themselves and made their own.  It was great!

The thank you notes I put in their “piñata goodie bag” with a summer toy.  I made the notes out of cardstock in the shape of a fish bowl.  Danny signed and colored the notes.  I placed them in clear plastic goodie bags from Party City with Swedish fish candy.  The toys were one of either a small water gun, bubbles, a whistle, cool sunglasses.  Below is one of them.


 This baby was my idea! 😉

It was great fun with family and friends!  It took us a couple of days to recooperate but next was the graduation party.  Look for it next!  Thanks for reading!

Happy Summer!


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