Thinking of Summer!

I can’t believe that the year has already passed…and time for summer.  I am so looking forward to it!  Can’t wait to make my yearly trip to the beach!  We are busy like bees in class wrapping up our end-of-year activities, testing and, yup, report cards.  Ugh…but it has to be done.  I’m so proud of my kiddies.

Now I’m thinking of summer…and helping my 8 y.o. son begin his with his “Splish Splash Birthday Bash” Pool Party.  I found some really neat ideas on a wonderful website “Pinterest”.  I will definitely share here.  To the left is an example of what I’m going to try this year.  But instead, as a thank you card which my son will color the water and sign.  He probably won’t be too excited about that but little sister can help too.  I will incorporate the whole pool party with an “Angry Birds” theme.  So….”Angry Bird” pool party”?!  It can happen, you’ll see.  Stay tuned for pictures.

Another neat idea I found is a Jello Aquarium.  There is an image to the right.  I will prepare this the night before with a few little modifications of my own.  I just hope it works.  From what I’ve read from the one who prepared it on the webiste, they were a real hit at her party.  It is blue jello in a small clear cup with Swedish fish candy and whip cream!  Adoreable!  Yes…along with my Angry Birds.  My son decided he wanted Angry Birds after I had spent many nights thinking, planning and re-thinking what to do for his “bash”.  So I’ll mix it in.  He is real excited, and I am too.  This is…the day before Mother’s Day.  Yup, I know what you’re thinking.  But I WILL…get my Mother’s Day. 🙂  It’s gonna happen.    We are expecting a large group, just hope we don’t get “rained out”!  😮

I’ll let you know.



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