My Journals

I just want to write tonight.  It doesn’t matter where- on a green journal, red journal, small or spiral, in my purse or desk journal.  Or online!  I have my pen too.

I have so many journals, it’s not even funny!  I love to buy new ones and get a feeling of freshness and new start.  I love the colors and designs, and the covers.  I get a rush when I look at the pages and think of all the new stories that can go in them.  I’m hopeless!  I have a poem journal, a short story journal, workshop reflections journal, God Time journal, prayer journal, mealtime journal, exercise journal, even a “get off my back” journal too.  The iPhone has a journal too (there’s an app for that)!  I bought a new one this past week at a scripture store, “Mothers Heart” journal to give my children.  I thought it was a wonderful idea.  A means to share dreams, thoughts, and advise to our grown children.  What a great idea!  My oldest would get this one.  My other kiddos  could get one too since I have so many, and they will all have Mama’s heart within a hand reach. Of course, one for my sweetheart with all my poems and songs which I have written through the years.

One thing is for sure, when I retire, and me and my honey are traveling and enjoying our golden years, I will write all these things.  Be sure to look for my stories!  …I can dream can’t I!  Gnite everyone!


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