HELLO 2012

I did it! I decided on a resolution for this year! …to develop a steady “night time routine” that encompasses the things I need to feel accomplished…uh…for the day. 😒 That may sound strange but it makes lots of sense to me. You see, I just can’t go to bed, and fall asleep, like everyone else. It seems so easy for everyone, but we all have different BIO-rhythms, so, don’t judge me! 😳 I realized after doing research and discussing with others in my “circle of family & friends”, that…everyone has different, difficult, “not such an easy time” to fall asleep. I don’t know if it’s age, hormones, stress, jobs, children, spouses…that cause this syndrome, but we have it…well, I do. (sigh) 😔

But, I just now…at 11:00 p.m., realized what I can do to remedy the problem and hopefully get some good REM sleep. Change my bedtime routine so that I can get quiet, alone time to “unwind”, relax my uptight muscles with a warm bath, AND get some special time to do what I love…my hobby …writing and praying, uh, writing with prayers. AND writing for fun. ☺ What do you think? Will it work? Well, I’m gonna try it!

Hello, 2012!! I see lots of good stories coming! Gnite! 💤


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