Best Friends

I can remember when we were best friends…when we were little.  🙂  Our pretend play was the best!  We would play space, scientists, house and, yes, even dolls! I am the oldest and while I loved my dolls and girl-things, my brother had such an imagination I wish I had.  He had a way of getting into the actual play.  Wow, I would think, I want to go there but with no prevail.  His favorite play was the army men!  I didn’t share that play with him, but I would try.  “Joey, why do you do that?” I’d ask.  “Do what?” my little brother would answer.  “Well, the thing you do…play and run around and crash your army men and tanks!  Where do you go?”  I’d say.  “I don’t know,” he’d say.  But I knew it was somewhere neat.  

When my baby brother, Carlitos, was born….trouble brewed! More fun!  Carlitos became the scientist assistant and co-pilot in our space play.  We adored our baby brother.  Our summers would go by with imaginative play… And big sister in charge.  Ask my brothers and they disagree it was a good thing…I was a meanie, so they say.  I made wierd-shaped pancakes.  But what do you expect from a teenager taking care of little brothers, come on! At any rate, I loved my brothers.  And I still do.  

We grew up, took our paths in life, made our lives, had our families…and our priorities become them.  The goals and roads we took are different but in my opinion, we still have a common connection.  Its still there!  I know, I feel it.  When I look into my brothers’ face and I see my Dad! My hero!  My handsome brothers took after my Dad.  I feel warmth and comfort.  The same way I felt when we played when we were little.  I miss those days…

when we were best friends.


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