Twinkle Toes


Twinkle Toes,  twinkle toes

Spinning on the stage.

“Look, Daddy, look at me!”

Eyes so bright

                                           With glee!


Twinkle toes, twinkle toes

There’s no one in the world

Whose just like me.

Tap, tap, tapping

“Look, Mommy, I can do it!”

Smile so wide

Heart is warm with joy!


Twinkle toes, twinkle toes

My baby girl

Fills my soul with

Butterflies and sweet candy

And a poem just for you.


Twinkle toes, twinkle toes

Sweet girl of mine

Will grow up sometime.

And still say…

“Look, Mommy, I can do it!

You’re my bestfriend, Mom!”


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