A Memory


You are in control of your destiny, your life and your memories, my Dad would say.  Go make them– for your family.

“This is a once in a lifetime thing,” my son tells me as we are about to walk down the wide, color-guard & band decorated field.  With all my might, I held my joy, pride and sadness in to keep from embarrassing myself and my oldest son.  But, what he said, was true! In that instant, my own high school memories came to mind.  My lost high school memories, rather.  They were not joyous or exciting like I have wished and prayed for my boys.  They were stale.  But in this short, 5-minute walk down my son’s high school football field…it didn’t matter.  This made up for my awkward high school days.

My son, you see, was nominated Homecoming King for his senior class.  The parents were the escorts.  It was an honor! I’m so proud of my boys’ accomplishments, and excited for his future.  What more could a parent want. It doesn’t matter he didn’t get it, but motivated and inspired to run, with a friend.  What possibilities are in store when you initiate and make opportunities…the sky is the limit!  My Dad was right!  Do not listen to negatives, they are the ones who will have sadness all THEIR lives.  Keep those people out of your life.  You be a positive, and keep God in your path.  He will walk with you, protect you and take you far!

I’ve been blessed, and thank God for my Luis! Thank you for the walk, my son. I am so proud! 🙂



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