Clean up

I actually made it into my room today to begin my goings-on of “back to school”.  My break was great…sorry to see it end, but it can’t go on forever…yet.  But let me tell ya, I can’t wait until it can!  In the meantime, still have to work. With all it’s challenges and what-not, makes life interesting.  Like I don’t have anything else interesting? OMG…I take that back!  How ’bout, makes your day interesting.

Moving, shifting, reshifting, removing, unpacking, dusting…”hmmm, I wonder where this plug goes.  Why doesn’t my T.V. turn on.  Now where did I put that paper with my ‘Next year’ ideas?”  Oh man!  I’ll find it as I continue to unpack.  I sit down and think of my TTD list.  Things I can do today, tomorrow and things I want done by  next week.  Well, it works out sometimes, but not always.  This year I think it will be right on schedule…Si Dios quiere (God willing).


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