Not yet

My summer break is about over…but not yet. I’m wrestling a little with it coming to an end. I’ve enjoyed staying at home and doing “home” things, and “kid” things, and “family” things. It’s really not any different than what I always do, but without the stress of work. I love my job, but like everyone else, enjoy time off to rejuvenate, meditate and re-energize. We all need those! Well, at least us adults do! It all doesn’t come so easy as some of our teenagers think so. And those of you have teenagers know what I’m talking about…it doesn’t grow on trees! Boy, wouldn’t that be cool! But, no…you gotta work for it. As one of my teenagers is learning this summer.

They grow too fast, I tell ya. Is why these family times, and times at home are precious. They won’t be home all the time, as I saw this summer. He won’t be home at the dinner table with us all. Makes my heart sink. So, home time is good and to be cherished. Watch a movie together, hang out playing video games, or just chit chatting is good. And I’m so glad,

It’s not over yet!


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